André de Ridder is new artistic curator for Spitalfields Winter Festival 2017

The Spitalfields Festival is an exciting eye-popping collection of performances rooted in the East End of London.

There are two main events – a festival in the summer, and one in the winter – which seek to integrate music-making into the local community. It’s a vibrant and valuable endeavour that reaches 30,000 local people every year.

Running from 2 – 10 December 2017, this year’s Winter Festival – a rich collection of events that challenges perceptions of the classical music world – is curated by conductor André de Ridder (pictured above). De Ridder and s t a r g a z e were behind the David Bowie Prom last year.

Both Spitalfields events always have the feel of a true festival, occupying unorthodox spaces for challenging and thought-provoking performances.

I’ve got my eye on East End Speed Histories, Hyperchromatic Counterpoint, and the London Contemporary Orchestra’s performance of Anna Thorvaldsottir’s In The Light Of Air.

See the brochure online. General booking opens on Monday 18 September 2017. Tickets will go fast.


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