Benny Andersson on Piano

With my head buried in Edinburgh stuff this last week, one terribly exciting developing passed me by.

Universal Music Group announced on 18th August that an album of ABBA songs arranged for piano and played by Benny Andersson will be released on September 29 on the Deutsche Grammophon label.

I genuinely cannot wait.

Fortunately Thank You For The Music is already available on Spotify because the good people at DG know damn well that some of us really cannot wait that long for the entire album.

There’s a trailer too (above) in which Benny expresses surprise and delight that the music still holds up without the other voices present.

I’m not sure whether he’s being self-deprecating or whether he really doubted a piano solo arrangement of some of the greatest songs of all time would fly.

Maybe he was thinking about the hugely disappointing Anne Sophie von Otter Anne Sofie von Otter album of ABBA songs from 2005. Don’t worry Mr Andersson sir. All will be well. I’m sure of it.


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