Edinburgh Diary – Friday 25th August 2017

I was at the Edinburgh International Festival and Edinburgh Fringe from Monday 21 – Friday 25 August.

Whilst I was there I was a co-host on Ewan Spence’s Edinburgh Fringe Podcast.  Notes from today below.

I love the day I go home. I always love the day I go home. Back to base. Revised, revitalised.

The journey has been gratifyingly straightforward. Luton as a destination airport remains disappointing, but the connecting train to central Catford was direct, smooth, and air conditioned.

Inevitably, the last Edinburgh diary is brief.

Fourth Edinburgh Podcast

Fun, slickish (apart from the bit about the dice – I really didn’t twig quick enough), and informative.

Had no idea about how the Dolorean made it to the final script for Back to the Future.

Moments before Ewan pressed the button, I was feeling sad about the prospect of it all coming to an end. Loved the whole experience.


What I Learnt

What good is a trip away from home if you don’t reflect on stuff? Edited highlights below.

1. Come to Edinburgh, lose weight
The walking is epic. The unrelenting hills, and brisk last-minute walks to shows will get you fitter.

2. Keep on trying
The city is full of hopefuls, fuelled by creativity and supported by faith. That’s incredibly infectious.

3. The audience is vital
Everyone participates in a Fringe show. That’s proper live performance.

4. You will need: characters; stories; themes
Three basic ingredients for writing. That’s all you need. Start there. Experiment. Be prepared to fail.

5. Television is a tiresome and tired medium
In Edinburgh TV appears like a ridiculous self-inflated, self-indulgent medium. We place far too much importance on it.

6. New perspectives on personal histories can be illuminating
Bearded Dog’s Anathema helped me re-evaluate the past in a profound way.

7. Be vigilant: confirmation bias crops up everywhere
Counter the familiar stories you tell yourself and look for the liberating path instead.

8. The company of writers is a special thing
There’s a strong sense of unity amongst people who identify as writers. Very supportive. Where I feel at home.

9. Constantly stretch your thinking
Freelance life doesn’t tolerate those who stand still. Challenge. Stretch. Dare.

10. Always pack emergency underpants
This one explains itself, I think.

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