Verbier 2017: Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto / Symphony No. 4 / Janine Jansen / Mikhail Pletnev / Verbier Festival Orchestra

No surprises. Jansen shone in the Tchaikovsky.

Given my recent write-ups, I suspect I should just come clean: I’ve quickly turned into a Jansen fanboy, moreso than I am an Ehnes fanboy. He’s brilliant. She can do no wrong.

In the Tchaikovsky violin concerto Jansen deployed her familiar commitment, supported by a precise orchestra, in turn following an understated conductor. The first movement took a gentle pace, with the solo violin given a much-clearer window compared to other performances I’ve heard. The ensemble was tight, prompt, and sympathetic.

Jansen revealed more the intricacies of the solo line throughout the work in a tightly controlled but still electrifying performance. The last movement in particular was gratifyingly taut and ebullient. Loved it.

Pletnev’s adopted a similarly understated conducting style to Tchaikovsky 4 in the second half. The first movement took its time without being long and drawn out, and saw some dramatic dynamic contrasts that made for a fresh interpretation. In both first and last movements Pletnev was pleasingly careful in his approach, avoiding flamboyance and self-indulgence. The longer than normal rallentando before the final last movement coda, made the conclusion all the more exhilerating.

Watch it on Medici.TV for free until September-time. 

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