Baritone Jan Capiński blogs about the Prison Choir Project

We live in an age when music education isn’t valued. Little wonder given who’s in power.

Set against this depressing backdrop, are real-life examples of the impact music and art has on all sections of society, proof that enabling the next generation of music-makers isn’t just beneficial for them but those at the fringes of society.

So, with that in mind, read this. It’s a personal account from one of the participants – baritone Jan Capinski – in the Prison Choir Project, an endeavour that rehabilitates prisoners, ex-offenders and people through by engaging them with arts and culture.

The account is touching, respectful and inspiring. It is a reminder that music-making exists beyond the concert hall or opera house, and has the power to touch people in profound ways.

That’s something to be proud of. Why on earth wouldn’t you want there to be more of that going on?

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