Explore Daniel Land’s global ensemble ‘The World In Tune’

I like the idea behind composer Daniel Land’s online musical ensemble, released by Expedia this week. There’s a serendipitous quality to the soundscape which results from taking control of the instrumentalist’s pre-recorded video feeds.

World in Tune by Expedia.co.uk

My first click-around the group of worldwide ensembles created something cautious but unexpectedly hopeful. And although the tracks don’t change in character particular, the slow-moving and seemingly random ensemble piece still manages to reflect my emotions.

This isn’t altogether a surprise. Composer David Land who worked with musicians from across the world, counts Brian Eno as one of his influences. Each two and a half minute sequence recorded by the musicians is loosely scored with some room for improvisation. All of the completed sequences were edited with added ambience, giving the finished product with an ethereal quality.

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