BBC TV competition winners North Devon Sinfonia raising funds to take orchestra to Seoul

North Devon Sinfonia – the winners of BBC Two’s Great Orchestra Challenge in 2015 – are representing the UK at the Seoul International Community Festival, but are in search of £13,000 to fund their 5-day trip.

Failed Arts Council England application sees NDS £13K down

Local businesses and charities are already supporting the orchestra, but the band is still in need of £13K after a failed Arts Council England funding application. According to the BBC report, it seems NDS were encouraged to apply for funding, but when the details were revealed the Arts Council pulled out.

That seems a terrible shame, because they’ve now got less time to raise the funds for the flights. They have four weeks to do it too. No pressure then.

Ambassadors for the UK abroad and amateur music-making advocates

I feel for them, not only because the leader of the band is someone I participated in country youth orchestra with twenty-odd years ago, but also because the orchestra is committed and driven.

The energy that drives North Devon Sinfonia undoubtedly comes from its conductor Emma Kent. Both conductor and band clearly benefited from the BBC’s TV competition. Now they have an opportunity to be great ambassadors for the UK abroad (something we surely need right now), and for amateur music-making in the UK (which will no doubt suffer in a post-Brexit world).

Donate via JustGiving

Do what you can. People are giving a tenner. One person I saw on the fundraising page had given £100.

Support North Devon Sinfonia’s Seoul International Community Festival trip via JustGiving



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