Read the book then listen to the music

Catherine Clover’s new book – a 15th century historical novel entitled The Templar’s Garden – has at its heart a variety of settings of Psalm 42. It’s also set in Oxford – where Catherine spent her student days and, judging by this video,  where her heart has taken up permanent lodgings.

New College Oxford Choir have produced album – Like As The Hart – featuring a variety of settings by composers (living and dead) intended to accompany the story.

It’s an interesting proposition. One that makes the early music scene feel slightly more accessible to me (my natural home is classical and romantic). The book offers a more three-dimensional experience on a bog-standard album release. The album provides the book with some musical illustrations.

Catherine Clover’s book, like Jessica Duchen’s Ghost Variations produced in a similar vein, is something I’m looking forward to reading later this summer.

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