Academy of Ancient Music’s trail for Monteverdi Vespers on 23 June 2017

I’m impressed with the AAM’s latest video promotion for their upcoming Monteverdi Vespers gig at the Barbican Concert Hall on Friday 23 June 2017.

Monteverdi is a hard-sell on me – it’s not my go-to experience, but the video hooks me in with some simple techniques:

– Rich colour palette with a mixed selection of unexpectedly complimentary fonts
– Straight-forward storytelling conveyed in text
– Swift and engaging present-day contextualisation of a composer’s work
– Meaning conveyed without audio
– Simple audio track conveys excitement of concert-going experience

The content is surprisingly straightforward to achieve. At it’s simplest level, it’s a series of slides displaying a couple of sentences, underneath which a gently moving background (a video loop) gives an air of sophistication to the finished product. The final slide contains the concert times and venue. Tracking all of the slides is a series of three crossfaded audio clips, mixing auditorium ambience, and sequences from a recording.

A simple eye-catching piece of content that doesn’t take very much in terms of time or software to turn it around.

One thing I would have liked to have seen is the video clip appearing on AAM’s Twitter feed, and definitely the Barbican’s Twitter feed. Cross-posting seems like a no-brainer. Good content like this needs to be seen more.



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