There are moments in time when dramatic events force their way into our lives.

The terrorist attack in Manchester last night is yet another. Radio brings the first-hand experience of those subjected to the terror.

Accounts from children are brutal; pleas from parents heart-breaking.  Such events will never become commonplace.

We will never be numb to their effects. A reminder that we are human, the perpetrators not.

Public transport normally bustles on the morning commute. Not this morning. The platform was crowded, but the mood sombre. People weren’t looking at their phones, they were looking straight ahead. The train is silent.

In these delicate moments, a sense of resolve is essential.

For the first time I hear new things in the Kyrie from Mozart’s Requiem: pain and longing underpinned by an unequivocal defiance.

Moments like these remind me that music fills the void that real life callously leaves in its wake.

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