[United Kingdom] Lucie Jones / Never Give Up On You

Lucie Jones’ song Never Give Up On You written by former Eurovision winner Emilie de Forrest, is the UK’s best entry for years.

It’s been carefully crafted by a team of people whose work proves to me as a hardened fan that there’s a commitment to transforming the UK’s standing at the contest.

Jones is invested in the number and that’s illustrated in her committed and self-assured performance on stage. She creates a dramatic performance and possesses a voice that delivers every time.

The song is a slow-burn. A heartfelt plea, and a bit of a tear-jerker. Quite whether the song will cut-through sufficiently in the Eurovision running order remains to be seen. But, the production has impact in the arena, the vocals are solid, and the reaction warm.

Many here have commented on how impressed they are with Lucie Jones’s performance. Others will expect to see these positives to be reflected in the scoring. In theory that is absolutely the case. I’d hope it appears on the left-hand side of the leaderboard, and, if we’re really lucky, in the Top Ten.

I’ve seen press centre polls listing the UK in 4th place, but I’m not counting my chickens. What’s important is that its a well-produced affair – Hugh Goldsmith, Helen Riddell, Guy Freeman, and Lucie Jones will rightly be proud about the finished product.



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