Eurovision 2017: [Italy] Francesco Gabbana / Occidentali’s Karma

Italy has consistently delivered high quality entries ever since its return to the Eurovision fold in 2011.* This year doesn’t disappoint.

Occidentali’s Karma has a number of secret weapons. Its chorus is memorable, the song has a distinctive sound that sets it apart from everything else this year, and its overall sound carries whips its audience into a frenzy of happy-go-lucky inclusion.

And then there’s Francesco, whose sparkly eyes, ridiculously warm smile, and gravelly Italian accent helps secure him as this year’s star performer. And then there’s the gorilla – a gimmick that shouldn’t work, but strangely does.

More of an everyman than the last one of his kind, Mans from Sweden, Francesco is a more accessible kind of performer. Him winning Eurovision for Italy would be popular, well-deserved, and almost certain to drive the crowd wild.

It’s also a dead cert to secure the trophy – everyone’s saying so. That said, Francesco’s live vocal’s are a little rough. The seedy Italian sound which works in the studio production sounds like its a voice on the verge of disintegrating in the live vocal.

* Probably best to overlook 2014.



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