Eurovision 2017: [San Marino] Valentina Monetta & Jimmie Wilson / Spirit of the Night

Valentina Monetta is a glutton for punishment. She’s worked with Eurovision songwriting legend Ralph Siegel on sufficient number of jaw-droppingly awful productions (two) for her to know better. Third time lucky perhaps?

Not a chance. ‘Spirit of the Night’ – a song that echoes a number of disco anthems from the past – is a dull creation even by Ralph Siegel’s standards. It promises the world and delivers nothing but a series of foundation-level chord progressions, and two trademark truck-drivers gear changes that do little to lift spirits.

It’s greatest crime? The bridge to each chorus – just a little too reminiscent of ‘It’s Raining Men’.

This entry deserves to sink without a trace. Not just because of the song, but because of Jimmie Wilson’s appalling piece to camera at the end of San Marino’s rehearsal footage.

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