Eurovision 2017: [Romania] Ilinca ft. Alex Florea / Yodel It!


It appears that Romania didn’t conduct any research as regards the impact of rap at the Eurovision.

The UK’s attempts looked pretty awful on stage in 2006. Little wonder Daz Sampson secured 25 points and a well-deserved 19th place. Rap doesn’t work these days. Love City Groove might have had a better track, but they still looked a little on stage in 1995.

It’s not the paltry attempt at rap in Romania’s entry that annoys the fuck out of me. Nor that some bright spark thought that yodelling would be a good musical fit either. It’s the half-arsed attempt at every single element in this song. The chord progressions sound like a GCSE music composition project, and the outfits look like something from the late 90s.

But what’s most annoying is that everyone will go mad for this, it will almost certainly secure a place in the final, and it will be the talk of the live show amongst all of the commentators.

I hope to God it comes last.

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