Eurovision 2017: [Malta] Claudia Faniello / Breathlessly

In recent years Malta have turned some good efforts at the contest. That hasn’t always been reflected in the voting, but they’ve created an image of being plucky and determined.

It’s worth taking a look at Claudia Faniello’s national final performance of Breathlessly (be warned – Maltese TV allows adverts to flash up mid-way through a broadcast) because I think it honours what is quite a touching song. The video is in comparison, a little too heavy on the storytelling.

I particularly like the counter-melody in the first iteration of the chorus, one of many simple elements that elevate this rock ballad to an almost hymn-like status.

Whilst Faniello’s performance is heartfelt (there’s a hint of Bonnie Tyler in her voice), the song could struggle to gain impact in what is turning out to be a contest brimming with ballads.

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