Eurovision 2017: [Denmark] Anja / Where I Am

Denmark’s ‘Where I Am’ is a surprise this year. No-one I know is talking about it especially.

‘Where I Am’ transcends the usual Eurovision characteristics of cliché, pastiche, or imitation, and secures the much-sought after status of ‘decent pop song in its own right’.

It’s a safe mid-tempo song with a mild bittersweet feel laid out within seconds of the song getting underway. The same harmonic progression is repeated throughout the song – verse, chorus and middle eight – but thanks to subtle contrast, and reasonably sophisticated if stylistically unadventurous production, still makes for a satisfying listen.

It won’t trouble Italy’s runaway winner, but it deserves a place in the final. If she can nail the live vocal on the night I will cheer it as loudly as I possibly can in the jury final.

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