Eurovision 2017: [Montenegro] Slavko Kalezić / Space

Montenegro’s disco-fuelled number Space has a whiff of George Michael’s Amazing without the sass. Musically speaking it doesn’t especially do anything spectacular. Once I’ve heard the verse and chorus one time through, I’m pretty much over it.

It’s club-floor feel will give it a life amongst Eurovision fans hungry to put their hands in the air and dance. But, sad to say, despite its good production, this is no more than playlist filler.

It will be interesting to see how this song is presented. In its preview video-state there are plenty of implied references to specialist gay clubs which will have caused headaches for the EBU’s editorial overlords. The rehearsal footage doesn’t give too much away – apart from a dance routine which makes the entire thing look a little cheap. If it makes it to the final this one of a handful of songs people will laugh at.

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