Eurovision 2017: [Moldova] Sunstroke Project / Hey, Mamma!

This cheeky little number is the twelfth song to represent Moldova at the Eurovision.

It’s also the second time the performers – Sunstroke Project – have appeared to. Seven years after their miserable effort ‘Run Away’ secured them 22nd place in the leaderboard (the same year the UK’s disastrous song ‘That Sounds Good to Me‘ ended up in 25th place).

‘Hey, Mamma’ is a much better song with a tighter riff, catchy choreography, and generally speaking a little more personality. The saxophonist is still doing the same moves. One wonders whether he’s playing the same notes.

The song’s and ultimately satisfying distinctiveness could have been undone by injecting comedy into their stage performance. They haven’t. This could be Moldova’s best Eurovision yet.

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