Eurovision 2017: [Iceland] Svala / Paper

Reviewing 43 Eurovision songs is no easy feat. The process has to be done in discreet chunks.

Iceland’s review forms part of the third chunk of reviews I’ve worked on so far this year. The first was a collection of five songs, the second was six songs, and this third chunk is a group of eight.

Beating a path through all of the songs is then about adopting a strategy which sees volume increase incrementally over time. That’s good project management. It’s also about preserving one’s sanity.

You wouldn’t set about decorating your entire house all in one go. You’d do it room by room, and perhaps, wall by wall. Or maybe, if you’re being really sensible, you’d pay a professional painter and decorator.

I mention this because in reviewing Iceland’s song, I notice that I’m either already very tired, or the track is so uneventful as to make even listening to the end of it feel like a Herculean effort.

‘Paper’ is not one of Iceland’s greatest contributions to the Eurovision canon. It’s fine, non-offensive, even serviceable perhaps. But it fails to trigger any enthusiasm in me.

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