Eurovision 2017: [Georgia] Keep the Faith / Tako Gachechiladze

Georgia’s rousing anthem ‘Keep the Faith’ exploits a simple melodic idea. Through repetition, modulation and grandiose crescendos, the song stirs the heart.

Tako Gachechiladze’s National Final performance used literal illustrations on a video backwall. You won’t see them in Kiev – far too political for the EBU who have struggled to contain this year’s celebration of diversity turning into an overt political bunfight. No matter, Tako’s lyrics will still convey the meaning with impact.

Musically speaking, that ‘Keep the Faith’ melodic idea gets annoying after a while. The song doesn’t necessarily sustain repeat listens. It could quickly transform itself into one of this year’s turgid listens. There’s also a hint of Skyfall about it too.

If Tako doesn’t move around on stage and sports the same look she had in the National Final, comparisons will be made with Austria’s Conchita Wurst from a few year back (just without the beard). That won’t help her. Conchita had a good deal more poise, and a beguiling stage presence. Conchita’s song was a more satisfying creation, with a universal message that crossed international borders with a more obvious kind of inclusivity. ‘Keep the Faith’ in comparison uses a hammer to convey its political message.

In that respect, the song’s musical simplicity (the stage presentation in Kiev echoes that simplicity) could end up being its undoing. But, it’s sung with heart and with gusto. The fact it builds to a rousing conclusion will make it a natural crowd-pleaser in the arena.

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