Eurovision 2017: [Albania] World / Lindita

‘World’ from Albania has grabbed my attention in this year’s line-up of Eurovision songs, possibly not for the right reason.

Musically, the song follows a tried and tested formula. Melodrama of near operatic proportions underpins the story, in which singer and audience embark a long and arduous journey to the top of a musical mountain. As we brush our knees and catch our breath, a soaring musical descant invites us to look out over a strangely fascinating dystopian vista.

The studio production is tight, and the vocal line smoothed out. And because of that, the live production on stage is suscpetible to dubious vocals and visual distraction. Watch just 43 seconds of one of those rehearsals and you’ll see what I mean with the vocals – there are wobbles with intonation. She isn’t the belter the song demands.

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