Future Thoroughly Good plans

Last night I was at the launch of the 2017 BBC Proms. It was the tenth consecutive launch night I had attended, and the first at which I shed a tear.

I wasn’t expecting to feel that little bubble of emotion bob up to the surface. Surrounded by all manner of orchestra-related front-of-house and back office luminaries, I felt at home.

The annual Proms launch is when all of those people come together. The classical music ecosystem (or at least part of it) step forward into the light and take a bow for another season they’ve collectively made happen.

The crying bit came about because I realised it was almost certainly the last Proms launch I’ll attend.

I’m leaving the BBC in July after twelve years working in journalism training, communications and PR, and digital and web production.

Over the past three years I’ve worked as an executive coach too, supporting managers and directors, producers, project managers, and editors in their search for solutions to the unique challenges they face.

I’m fiercely proud of all of my work at the BBC, but it is the coaching that is the most fulfilling. I’ll be working freelance across the arts and further education in my post-BBC life, expanding my coaching and digital services portfolio.

The feelings I have are mixed.

On the one hand, actively deciding opt out of a secure role with a regular salary seems counter-intuitive to the beliefs held by me and my peers.

On the other hand, the opportunity to challenge myself to do something I’ve never done before is irresistible.

If not now, then when exactly?

As anyone else who has gone through the process will concur, challenges like these reveal all manner of unexpected insights vital for future success and, in my case, valuable for my coaching practise too.

I’m leaving the BBC in a few months time. Before then there’s the Eurovision about which I’m producing a series of podcasts for ESC Insight.

I’ll blog here about the business of classical music, and focus on the coaching content over on thoroughlygood.com.

If in the meantime, you’d like to have a nose around my CV, be sure to visit me on LinkedIn.