38/365 Jabs

Hepatitis A & B jabs received by the careful hand of one of the nurses at Torridon Road Surgery earlier today. I return on Friday for the next batch, in between times I need to arrange for the first of vaccinations for rabies.

“Be sure to book another appointment for your remaining jabs a month from now, when you leave the surgery.” The schedule for appointments and the reminders for booking them is as considerable as the number of vaccinations themselves.

The nurse’s accent was thick and at times indecipherable. Laid back yet thorough, she didn’t appear to be in any way fazed by my growing unease at the amount of injections I needed, nor my escalating sense of panic as I came to terms with the great many things I risk being infected with during my forthcoming trip to Nepal.

“You are only going to for 9 days,” she said with surprise, disdain or confusion, I couldn’t really tell which. “Is that enough time?” I explained that it was a working trip and that I would be filming whilst I was out there.

I also explained that I was quite nervous – I felt my fists clench as she unwrapped the syringes — and that I didn’t like needles. “No one does,” she replied.

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