Audible’s Channels and Books vie for my attention

I’ve been an Audible subscriber for over a year now ever since a colleague recommended Steve Peter’s brilliant Chimp Paradox. 

Aside from Peters’ copy (and his strangely reassuring voice when he read it out loud), I’ve come to love the relative simplicity of Audible’s offering. Now, it has something new up its sleeve. Channels.

Building on its archive on spoken unabridged book collection, Audible’s Channels offer curated playlists of podcasts, familiars from BBC Radio 4, and a bucket-load of original productions too. A sort Amazon Prime/Netflix for spoken word fans.

So far I’ve binged on Jennie Bond’s 8 part Elizabeth II: Life Of A Monarch, flirted with Wired and The New York Times (the delivery is a little too polished for it to sound like journalism – all it needs is a gentle tweak in direction, I’m sure), clapped my hands together excitedly at the Short Story playlist (curated, I suspect, from the archive of Short Story collections Audible has at its fingertips), and absorbed myself in the Stories Worth Sharing playlist (the Beginning and Middle podcast is a revelation).

Years ago, there was talk and a plan for Channel 4 Radio. I remember feeling disappointed when the plug eventually got pulled. Audible offers an exciting alternative. I really hope it thrives.

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