Eurovision 2017: Contest stage revealed

Last week, in a slew of announcements, Eurovision HQ revealed the design for this year’s stage. Like the branding for the Contest, creating a moment out of the stage design may seem strange. The fact that the EBU do so demonstrates how they’ve come to understand the potency of the Contest as a whole, and the PR opportunities at every available point in the timeline.

This year’s design (above) is designed by Florian Wieder, the man behind Germany’s staging, and arguably the finest visual design, Austria’s in 2015.

2017 has a more inclusive warmer feel to it than Stockholm’s staging. I like the surface that sweeps from floor to ceiling, emphasising the scale of proceedings, and really ramping up the drama. Some commentators are looking to the island further out in the audience as the perfect location for solo artists. The UK has a solo artist with a simple song. It might look good there.

It’s only decoration. For some of us, the important thing is the song (not the singer). But, like the unveiling of the branding, it inches the Contest a little bit nearer.

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