31/365 Meat Cutlets vs. Tripe

It seems incredible to me I’ve got to Day 31 in this daily journal.

January feels like it’s long — action packed in some respects. There has been change: a radical shift in my thinking; an entirely different approach to writing (even if it’s not online); and, an openness and an increasing appetite for writing fiction.

I’m travelling today. Serbia for a few days on a work-related project. First time to Serbia.

“Do you like tripe?” asks my Bulgarian colleague as we sit in departures waiting to board our flight. “I know a lovely place in Belgrade that serves it. I love tripe.”

I shake my head. This isn’t a great start to a new working relationship. I fear it might turn out to be a terrible mistake.

“Meat cutlets, perhaps? They do meat cutlets.”

It strikes me there’s something distinctly unappealing about the word cutlet. It sounds like shorthand for, ‘Really, this is the best we can do.’

New relationships need patience, however. Sometimes we have to stretch ourselves — do things we wouldn’t normally consider doing.

“Meat cutlets sounds OK.”



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