19/365 Know-It Alls

The day started with news that a former colleague has died.

Same age as me. Mother. We weren’t close. Hadn’t spoken in years.

One of the people I looked-up to back then. Someone to aspire to be like. Back when television programmes had dedicated website producers who called on a technical project manager to muster designers, coders, and database administrators. A world away. Now she’s gone. Out like a light.

Later, I sit at the back of a big room behind all of the people who work in the same division as me. I watch as the another person I looked up to when I started at the BBC ten years ago introduce a panel discussion I had devised.

The weird thing was that I realised this afternoon that I still looked up to him. Still regarded him as more knowledgeable as me. Still devolved to him in matters of digital content. This after a pre-session discussion with moderator and panellists in the Green Room where he was heard to say “You know all of this stuff already Jon.”

Funny how other people see you differently compared to how you see yourself. A strength. An in-built check against arrogance. No-one likes a no-it-all. There’s nothing to learn if you are one.

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