16/365 What’s the hourly rate for a cleaner?

Told The Husband about the Showroom Gays earlier this evening.

“They sit at a pine table for breakfast — opposite each other. He does the washing on a Sunday afternoon and, in the evenings, they have moody up-lighting in the lounge. I think we should redecorate. Stiffkey Blue.”

“You covet their life, don’t you?” he said disappointingly.

“A little. They don’t just plump their cushions, they put a kink in them like hotels do.”

The Husband looked surprised.

“It’s not like I had my nose pressed against the glass. I might possibly slow down a bit when I pass their house every night, but I’m not a peeping tom.”

“They probably have a cleaner in once a week.”

I carried on chopping the onions, and flipped the potatoes so they didn’t burn. Got him to whip the eggs for the omelette.

I chanced my arm. “What’s the hourly rate for a cleaner?”

“I’ve got this,” he said, “I’ll clear it all up. You get in the shower.”

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