14/365 Discipline

We’ve spent today doing what I remember the pair of us doing 12 years ago: getting up late, listening to the radio, generally pottering about, and immersing ourselves in the works of Sondheim.

The Husband (we’ve been together for 20 years now) introduced me to Sondheim soon after we met. I marvelled at the sparse orchestrations and warped complex melodic lines. 

I still do. Sondheim’s musical language authentically depicts real life: often awkward and authentic. 
“You see what you look for,” sings one of the characters in the 2011 semi-staged performance of Company at Lincoln Centre we watch via BroadwayHD. Ain’t that the truth. 

The reserves we have to call upon to see the things we don’t look for are remarkable. I’ve been trying hard all day, a process that demands discipline. 

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