12/365 Couldn’t we all help?

The NHS continues to feature heavily in the news agenda –  something that makes my heart beat louder and more insistently. 

At the same time I’m reminded of the charity of my French teacher at school. 

When my Dad spent an extended period of time in hospital I remember seeing that French teacher visit patients in the same ward as him – a selfless effort to pep up the spirits of those who didn’t have the benefit of familial visits. 

It makes me wonder what tasks a volunteer force could complete in hospitals across the UK today? How, if at all, could that help the NHS? How could it benefit society? How much money could then be redirected into front-line services?

2 thoughts to “12/365 Couldn’t we all help?”

  1. Volunteers are not especially welcome in hospitals today. Maybe at a reception desk but they all must have criminal clearance on a yearly basis. In the past patient confidentially turned out to be an issue as well with volunteers actually working in a clinical setting! Hard to believe but it’s true and not all that long ago either.

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