11/365 Time


Note to self: don’t mention in passing a vague idea of working in mental health services to someone who is already working mental health services. Yesterday’s good intents can end up being today’s mild embarrassment.

While President-Elect Donald Trump spoke to journalists at Trump Tower later this afternoon, I spoke to a former colleague over tea. She shared her experience of the impact of signing-up to Twitter on her personal creative output.

It was unexpectedly reassuring to hear. It was the first time I’d realised the link between the impact of writing on your daily creative reserves. Writing 140 characters to convey thoughts, feelings or observations on a daily basis, for example, drains the battery and reduces impetus. Reduce the number of platforms and see the impetus restored.

It helped me understand my extra scribbling I’ve been doing recently. None of it is especially good. A lot of it is linear and repetitive. At best, they’re the starting points for characters – some welcoming, others remarkably stand-offish. But they’re starting points.

Lots of people have struck up conversation with me recently about my decision to abandon Facebook, many of them keen to find out how I’ve found the experience.

“It’s a broadcast platform,” I said to a friend I bumped into by chance wandering around the local supermarket this evening.

“Well of course it is,” he said.

“That’s not friendship.”

Not having it – and who knows, maybe other platforms – in my life frees up space to think through ideas and develop them.


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