10/365 I want to help


My knees were killing me tonight as I walked back from Hither Green Station. (I’m not entirely clear what happened to that grand plan to get the train back from London Victoria to Forest Hill last week – I’ll have to revisit it tomorrow.)

It’s only now I’m sat at the kitchen table writing this I appreciate why. In pursuit of shattering the 10,000 step goal offered up by my Fitbit (from this day onwards now to be known as ‘The Band of Guilt’), I chose to spend my lunch-break striding the perimeter of The Regents Park. Note, the use of the definite article which is correct.


Somewhere between Google Maps underestimation of a 2.5 mile walk and the Band of Guilt’s generous reckoning of a 3.97 mile, I managed to record 7,268 (on top of the 6,000 I had managed getting to work). No surprises then that the thought of walking home from the train station for ten minutes felt like an uphill struggle.

A report on Six O’Clock News took my mind off things. In short, a dramatic increase in the number of psychiatric cases seen at Accident and Emergencies across the UK, in particular amongst the young. One contribution from a 20 year old woman related to repeated suicide attempts. The Ambulance Service in Birmingham are sending out Psychiatric Nurses with Police Officers and Paramedics for specific cases where mental health issues are suspected to be a contributory factor to the call received.

Personal experience makes mental health stories of particular interest. I’ve experienced a range of therapies, benefited from them and been fascinated by them too. I’ve also trained as a coach, tapping into a number of different mental health disciplines along the way. Its a subject I find myself increasingly drawn to. My heart beats, not faster, but more resolutely when I hear or think about the subject.

By the time I arrived home there was one thing uppermost in my mind: that I wanted in some way to help. I don’t know how exactly – other than being on the front-line actually contributing something tangible – but I want to do something which helps those in a position or situation I recall experiencing myself.

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