8/365 Void


Today, I’ve been reading blog posts about creative writing and self-publishing. What a way to kill inspiration.

This then is a post explaining that I’m writing about having nothing to say. At least I’m honest about it.

It is the oddest feeling. It might even be a horrible feeling.

The only thing which got me in front of the keyboard and scribbling this confession down was reading Charlie Brooker’s Guardian column from August 2010. One year before the first Black Mirror, Brooker was bemoaning a similar problem, only from the perspective of a paid-columnist receiving emails from wannabees looking for encouragement.

His advice? Deadlines are the important thing. When you’ve got a deadline you’ll be amazed what you can write. So it is now. 45 minutes before the end of Day 8.

This year I’m returning to my blogging roots and writing a daily journal.

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