6/365 Friday Night Responsibilities


Work life promotes the idea of a ‘honeymoon period’. It’s sometimes referred to when we start a new job – usually the timeframe when we’re forgiven for making mistakes. Post-vacation people will talk of how they’re still in ‘holiday mode’. Journalists and PRs will use the first 100 days of anyone new to a high-profile role as a convenient excuse (they prefer the word ‘hook’) for a spot of publicity.
However you like to like to refer to it – honeymoon, holiday or first 100 days – the implication is in nearly always negative.

The thinking that goes with it is that the sense of inner peace you stumbled on or cultivated whilst you were away from your contractual obligations, or that which you relied upon to get you out of reputational scrapes as you became acquainted with your new responsibilities, will eventually come to an end. And when it does, the realities will hit you and you will, like the rest of us realise the extent to which you are no different from the rest of us. And so will everyone else around you.

I say this because I do it myself. But tonight, as I wend my way home (I’ve taken the quicker Hither Green route tonight), I’m aware that my hard-fought holiday mood is still present. More pertinently, I notice an unwillingness on my part to let anything threaten that positive mood.

If, as it is tonight, you have the benefit of two days away from work, why on earth would you do anything to let your weekday stresses encroach? Rather than just thinking about the things you have to get done during the week, don’t you have a personal responsibility to ensure that your free time remains just that? No one else is going to do that but you.

This year I’m returning to my blogging roots and writing a daily journal.

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