Vanessa Reed and Mel Grodner join RLPO board

When you’ve been blogging about a subject for long enough, you start to notice the rise of talented individuals in the industry. So is the case with the RLPO’s announcement today of its two newest board members Mel Grodner, and for me specifically, Vanessa Reed.

Mel Grodner is a Liverpudlian with a background in architecture and a successful career in property since the early 1970s and an interest in music, the arts and specifically Liverpool Philharmonic.

I’ve not met Grodner, but have spent some time with Vanessa Reed, currently Chief Executive of the PRS for Music Foundation.

Since joining PRS for Music Foundation in 2008, she’s steered the Foundation into a new position as the key funder of new music and talent development, supporting composers and songwriters of all backgrounds.

I’ve always been impressed with Vanessa’s drive, enthusiasm and, most importantly for me, her openness. The ability to maintain full attention to a wide range of people met in a necessarily diverse range of settings is a rare quality amongst influencers. It is a quality of Reed’s I most admire.

Picture credit: Ruth Kilpatrick

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