New term. New books. 

I love this time of year. The leaves have turned golden brown, air temperature has dropped, and a breeze has whipped up. We’re all succumbing to the turn of the season and resigning ourselves to the start of a new term.
Unlike spring, I experience a sense of renewal in the Autumn. And after a summer of classical music, I always look to books to fill the void.

This is partly fuelled by the prospect of the Man Booker Prize. The long list has been out for a couple of months; the shortlist will soon be released. The Man Booker Prize is a reading list of the kind I failed to complete when I started reading English at university.

Twenty-five years later, I relish the challenge of reading ten books in six weeks, to reflect on them and on the reading process.

This isn’t some kind of vain marathon-reading challenge, well not entirely. I have a hunch there are some insights to be discovered about the challenge of reading and whether there are any parallels to be drawn with the perceptions around and accessibly of classical music as an art form.

That’s all to come – from Tuesday 13 September. Before then, I need to read about how to read effectively I think.

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