BBC Proms 2016 / 70: Staatskapelle play Bruckner 6

I listened to Bruckner 6 on my birthday jaunt around London. This year’s excursion took me to the Fox Talbot exhibition at the Science Museum and after that, a cheeky Margherita on the Southbank.

There’s no time to go into detail (it is my birthday all), but suffice to say Bruckner’s sixth symphony is far more engaging than his third. There’s a smattering of Mahler in there somewhere

There’s a smattering of Mahler in there somewhere for a start. The first movement gets off to an arresting start; the second (slow) movement is a remarkable achievement too.

All in all, it’s a work which demands repeat listens. It’s rich, complex and revealing. The idea that this came before Mahler’s first symphony makes the whole thing beguiling.

There was also some kind of incident with something heavy and valuable on stage which made things even more compelling. I’m not entirely clear what occurred, but it did definitely sound like something very expensive had broken .. when it hit the stage.



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