BBC Proms 2016 / 8: Strictly Prom

Radio 3 presenter and Strictly Come Dancing finalist Katie Derham sounded like she was in her element when I listened to Prom 8 tonight.

I was making my way across London after getting back to Paddington from Bristol just in time to hear the beginning of the concert. Much excited applause. Much warmth. A bit like an early Last Night – a small reward after a week of gentle effort.

Seeing the pictures the hard-working BBC Proms team have sent on this evening, I’m wondering whether there might be a point in time when we might see The Derham presenting Strictly itself. Or, if not that, when we see an episode of Strictly come from the Royal Albert Hall itself.

If you’re unconvinced about the validity of this gig in the Proms celebration, then listen to Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Carousel Overture at the top of the programme. A cracking orchestration revealing the rich sophistication of the score. A delight.

Oh. And it’s on BBC Four tomorrow night. Yay.

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