Cremaine Booker’s Adagio for Dallas

When Fox5Atlanta wrote about 26 year old cellist Cremaine Booker’s YouTube video featuring him playing an arrangement of Barber’s Adagio for Strings yesterday, the video had been seen 422,000 times. 24 hours later its been seen by over a 1 million.

The performance is touching: a personal response to the situation in Dallas, played by a man who originates from the city. The video has an elegant simplicity about it – a dynamic response to current events. It’s message is implicit and doesn’t distract from the beauty of the music.

Cremaine’s video demonstrates a humility often lacking from a great many other multimedia creations in the classical music world. There is an immediacy to the piece which makes it a compelling piece of content. It is saddening that its creation comes from a place of hurt, but the video’s healing effect overcomes that, and that is as much to do with its presentation as the music itself.

Cremaine Booker is ThatCelloGuy15 on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. His website address is

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