Thoroughly Good Podcast 3.1: Intense Introductions

This new series examines my lifelong love of classical music, what got me (as well as others) hooked, and how we can introduce others to a genre most dismiss as elitist, boring, or inaccessible.

Beginnings are always the most difficult. After the relative ease of making seven podcast letters about my trip to Eurovision in Stockholm this year, getting a new series about classical music underway has been a little more challenging.

So, just like the first day in a school year, I’m easing myself (and you) in easily with a 20 minute orientation session. Think of this introduction to the third series of Thoroughly Good Podcasts as the first lesson of term when the teacher dished out the new text books.

In the first episode, I explain how an old friend introduced me to his considerable music collection. Is a short intense burst of the unfamiliar the best way to introduce someone to something new?

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