Eurovision 2016: Interview with Creative Director Nicoline Refsing

Nicoline Refsing was one of Eurovision 2016’s Creative Director, responsible for Australia, San Marino, and Italy’s visual presentation.

I got the chance to speak to her about her work during Eurovision week in between rehearsals. You can hear the interview in the player below.

Nicoline has worked behind the scenes across the entertainment industry. Her prodction design and creative direction company Rockart Design was founded from scratch five years ago in 2011, following six years spent working with set and production designer Mark Fisher of Stufish. Nicoline has worked with One Direction, The National Television Awards, The BRIT Awards, The Eurovision Song Contest and X Factor.

Meeting Nicoline was a joy. Our brief time together alerted to me one thing I had all but overlooked about Eurovision: that there is a human being contributing something of themselves at every stage of the process. Television is throwaway, but the demands we have of it are considerable.

The people meeting those demands with towering achievements like those Nicoline was responsible for in 2014 are often overlooked by those of us staring at the TV screen. It’s time for those people to step into the limelight.

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