Eurovision 2016 – Audio: Letters from Stockholm

During my trip to Eurovision this year, I made a series of podcasts for ESC Insight. For those interested in how they were made, each unscripted episode was recorded in one take, edited in an hour, and mixed in two. Many thanks to the ESC Insight Team for the platform – they’ve been a joy to make.

I’ve collated the links to all of them below, each will take you off to the ESC Insight website – there’s an embedded player on each page.

1. Letters From Stockholm: Dear Portugal…
Jon Jacob brings his unique view to the Eurovision Song Contest in his first ‘Letter From Stockholm’. Preparations for a trip to the Song Contest should never be skipped over. Take your time to think about the journey. Expect obsessive tendencies and music from 1982 and 1996.

2. Letters From Stockholm: Dear Scoreboard…
On his trip out to Stockholm, Jon Jacob takes time to think about what he wants, doesn’t want, and what he’s prepared to accept out of his trip to Eurovision, and some music from  1975, 1988, 1993, and 2016.

3. Letters From Stockholm: Dear Accreditation Badge
Jon Jacob arrives at the Press Centre greeted with a Swedish welcome. Soon after, the very thing he went there to collect is under the microscope he brought with him. If you’re of getting yourself accredited, be sure to listen to the latest of his  ‘Letters From Stockholm’.

4. Letters From Stockholm: Dear Fans…
Grab a bottle of your favourite tipple and pour yourself a large glass of it. You will thank us for it. Jon Jacob needs to have a quiet word in your ear about something in today’s episode of ‘Letters From Stockholm’.

5. Letters From Stockholm: Dear Euroclub
Jon Jacob’s had a late night at the pleasure of the British Ambassador and attending a party he wasn’t invited to. We’re not entirely clear how much he consumed, but it sounds like it was a lot.

6. Letters From Stockholm: Dear Eurovision … 
The Eurovision Song Contest might be the biggest show on Earth, but it’s also a personal journey for everyone attending, including Jon Jacob. How did his journey start, what is different this year, and what will he take away from Stockholm?






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