Eurovision 2016 – Rehearsals: Day Seven

It’s a much a shorter day of rehearsals today – just the ‘Big Five’ and Sweden are gracing the stage.

Sweden’s has kicked off proceedings. This is the first time I’ve seen Frans’ ‘If I Were Sorry‘ on the big screen as you’ll see it on TV. For all of the talk of how Eurovision is about music entertainment (ie making it visually arresting), Sweden’s song is surprisingly dull on-screen. Frans strides around stage in front of a screen which helpfully illuminates the keywords in his song – words like ‘dance’ and ‘devil’. Very helpful.

France’s ‘Ja’iCherche‘ act is similarly straightforward in terms of presentation. Amir stands tall and wide in a pair of bright white plimsolls (I’m currently focussed on whether or not he’s wearing socks – I hope he is – I think its important that standards of dress don’t slip), leaping around excitedly, stretching his arms wide to make everyone feel included. He is irresistible to watch on screen. The effect is incredibly uplifting.

It’s the first time I’ve seen ‘Say Yay‘ on the big screens too. There’s a surprise in it – a mildly dramatic moment – when the music stops and the lights drop out which may make you gasp. I loved this in the previews but seeing it in vision, it seems to lack the energy and attack that Belgium’s choreography did yesterday. The backing singers do look like they’re directing traffic.

For all the colour in Jamie-Lee’s costume – she looks a candy store – it’s not helping Germany’s mid-tempo ballad. Musically this is possibly the dullest of Germany’s entries in recent years. People will laugh at it on Saturday night. Italy’s number ‘No Degree of Separation‘ looks OK with better lighting, but the props do cheapen it somewhat. I do still love it though.

And the last rehearsal of the day, from the UK. Joe and Jake are still coming across well, though without the context of the other songs in the running order and the lack of excitement I experienced yesterday in the run up to their first appearance, I didn’t get the tear in the eye. No problem. They turn in a good performance. Nothing to worry about here, I don’t think.



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