Eurovision 2016 – Rehearsals: Day Three

Day Three of rehearsals and we’re on Semi-Final 2. They’re not wasting any time in Stockholm.

I note with interest that Latvia’s singer Justs and his team read my blog. When I reviewed his song I suggested he needed to lose the brown leather jacket because I felt it didn’t suit his natural colours. In his rehearsal video published today I notice he’s not so much lost the leather jacket as changed the colour instead – a good compromise.  It remains a good song, but I’m wondering whether its path to the Final may not be as straightforward as I first thought. I suspect the act may look a little bland on screen.

Nowhere near as bland as Poland’s ‘Color of Your Life‘ which is going to struggle to look anything other than a musical and visual cliche. The miming violinsts on stage in the background of his rehearsal footage do make me roll my eyes. Might it have been better to have just to have him on stage on his own?

I may well be in the process of changing my mind about Switzerland’s ‘The Last Of Our Kind‘. I don’t like the outfit Rykka is wearing – maybe its a work in progress – but I wonder whether it will clinch more votes than I first thought it would and knock Belarus out of the Final. It won’t be a resounding qualification, but it might just do it.

(left to right) Switzerland, Latvia, Israel, Lithuania’s Donny Montell backstage on stage, Australia.

Israel’s ‘Made of Stars‘ is definitely a number to keep an eye on. It’s really growing on me. I wonder whether people are over-looking it, or not giving it the attention it is due. Singer Hovi is articulate and sincere, and him and his song are a real tonic for the bombast we’re seeing in some of the other acts. The simplicity of the staging may make for a refreshing interlude in the running order, keeping attention on the song and its heartfelt lyrics.

IVAN from Belarus had previously been PRed from here to oblivion a few weeks ago when talk spread around the internet like wildfire the singer would appear on stage naked, with a wolf. In today’s rehearsal footage Ivan appears fully clothed, and the wolf is in footage which appears on the multi-screen backdrop. Phew. Dodged a bullet there. What’s interesting for me is that in a bigger arena (and now that Ivan has had his hair schuzzed up a bit), the song doesn’t sound anywhere near as dire as it did a few weeks ago. Without that notoriety (or rather, the whiff of notoriety), Ivan will struggle to get past the semi-final, I think.

I still adore Serbia‘s song and can’t wait to see it in the dress rehearsal running order – I really hope it does well. So too Australia – still a class act. I fear Ireland will sink – the static stage act only emphasises the dated quality of the song. The live vocals on Kaliopi‘s song for FYR Macedonia are unsettling. Similarly, Donny Montell’s intonation hints at potential bigger trouble. He definitely needs to bulk up on the carbs – he’s looking way too thin in the face.


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