Eurovision 2016 – Spain: ‘Say Yay’ (Barei)

This year’s Eurovision entry from Spain is the song Russia wishes it could be. Where Sergey’s ‘You’re The Only One’ scoops me up into a whirlwind only to abandon me lifeless and cold at the side of the road when the final chord sounds, Spain’s ‘Say Yay’ makes me feel considerably more included in proceedings. Its uplifting joyous spirit celebrates. I’m hoping that in the year Eurovision commands us to ‘Come Together’ that crowds, TV viewers and juries will unite and give it the big thumbs up.

‘Say Yay’ is the best of their entries in recent years, surpassing ‘Dancing In The Rain‘ (10th, 2014) which was then their best entry to date. And their worst? There are a few. Brujería seemed to struggle with unison singing in their cliched ‘Son De Sol’ (21st, 2005), so too Las Ketchup the year after (they also couldn’t dance). 2008’s ‘Baila el Chiki-chiki”‘ from Rodolfo Chikilicuatre still brings me out in hives, the song confusing the hell out of me as much as the 16th place it ended up with.

Spain’s entry this year could restore the reputation of Spain at Eurovision (or establish it, depending on your viewpoint). If it does well it might also help restore the image of the ‘Big Five’ (UK, Spain, France, Germany and Italy) whose automatic qualification for the Final continues to ruffle feathers amongst the fraternity.

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