Eurovision 2016 – Slovenia: ‘Blue and Red’ ManuElla

Slovenia have a long way to go to better my most special of Slovenian Eurovision memories: Sestre in 2002 singing ‘Only Love‘. They may have only come 13th, but it still stands the test of time.

2008 was a low-point – eight years on, I still can’t quite work out what’s going on. And don’t forget 2009, their worst entry ever – a magic trick waiting for magic and trick – and potentially the worst ever Eurovision entry in the history of the contest. Looking back on 2015, ‘

Looking back on 2015, ‘Here For You‘ (14th) still looks weird, but in the spirit of balance and fairness and all that, their 2011 entry not only qualified and got the country a much-needed reputation-saving 13th place, it is also a song that features in my Spotify ‘One Massive Bucket of Eurovision Loveliness’ Playlist. So, you know, Slovenia hasn’t been completely useless.

This year’s song from Slovenia is basically Taylor Swift. It’s hard not to like anything from Taylor Swift, so its hard not to like this. Musically this is Slovenia’s best song since 2002 and, as it happens, I think it does a better job at country than the Netherlands’ Douwe Bob does this year. Like a handful of others this year, Slovenia’s suffers from the very bittersweet quality the song is rooted in: the ending suffers from a lack of a definitive finish. Good as it is, my worry is that its obvious derivation will make Saturday night viewers dismiss it out of hand. A more distinctive staging may help overcome that.

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