Eurovision 2016 – Poland: ‘Colour Of Your Life’ (Michał Szpak)

Musically speaking, Poland has contributed little of any great value to the Eurovision since 2001 (even that’s generosity). Poland’ appearances in the Grand Final since 2004 reflect that qualitative assessment too: they’ve failed to qualify six times.

Of those songs which did qualify, there’s not a lot to get excited about particularly. If you’re looking for memorable acts, look no further than 2014 with the milkmaids (13th) – but it’s an ear-bleeder.

Last year, they opted for something far middle of the road.  ‘In The Name Of Love‘ at last year’s Contest securing them their second place in the final since 2009.

Things might be different this year. Maybe. The introduction to ‘Color Of Your Life’ certainly hints at something a bit more considered, but once the verse kicks in, a tried and tested harmonic progression reveals the song for what it really is. The chorus makes up for things a little with a rousing sense optimism, but it can’t perform miracles.

Although ‘Color Of Your Life‘ isn’t anywhere near as weak and feeble as some of Poland’s previous efforts, this is an unadventurous composition and that’s reflected in the two key changes inflicted on us as the song careers towards its inevitable but overdue end.



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