Eurovision 2016 – Netherlands: ‘Slow Down’ – (Douwe Bob)

The Netherlands song – ‘Slow Down‘ – is a polished Radio 2 playlist number that exudes style and deep-seated integrity. It has a beautiful middle eight which only underlines the songwriter’s obvious passion and credentials.

But it’s a bland song too which will demand a lot to make sure it has impact in the Final running order. Without that impact, it just doesn’t feel especially Eurovision. Mind you, I’m not sure the Netherlands have really been terribly good at the up-tempo stuff, as 2009 and 2010 clearly demonstrates. At least they made things up with Europe with the haunting ‘Birds‘ (9th, 2013)

That said, I felt the same way about The Common Linnets entry for the Netherlands in 2014, which ended up coming 2nd that year. I’m not 100% sure whether it did make it to the playlist,  but I  know heard it played on Radio 2 on numerous occasions after the contest that year and during the station’s pop-up radio station dedicated to Country.

That same Country feel to the Netherlands ‘Slow Down‘ might do Douwe Bob some good in helping his song stand out. But it needs to get to the Final first, and I’m not entirely sure whether its path there is assured.



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