Eurovision 2016 – Montenegro: ‘The Real Thing’ (Montenegro)

Montenegro’s best result at Eurovision was with the achingly beautiful Lane Moje sung by Zeljko Joksimovic (2nd, 2004) when it was on the list of participants as ‘Serbia and Montenegro’.

Since then they failed to make any impact on the Final running order, turning in such dubious numbers as this and, my particularly jaw-dropping favourite, this. When they play ball and submit something which mainstream appeal, we all stand and applaud, as with ‘Moj Svijet‘ (19th, 2014) and last year’s ‘Adio‘ (13th, 2015), an intimate yet rousing number that warms the heart every time I hear it.

This year’s song doesn’t build on recent successes, instead casting Montenegro back a few years. It’s full of good intent. It wants to deliver something distinctive and uncompromising, but being a rock act,  its stage production runs the risk of making the entire offering indecipherable. I don’t especially like it. Sorry Montenegro.

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