Eurovision 2016 – Moldova: ‘Falling Stars’ (Lidia Isac)

Moldova’s highest place in the voting was in their debut year in 2005. Since then, apart from a couple of years languishing near the bottom, they’ve maintained mid-table positions. Their songs have been of mixed quality, varying from distinctive to tired Eurovision derviatives. But there is one performance of note – Pashur Parfeny’s ‘This Trumpet Makes You My Girl‘ (11th, 2012). The choreography was inventive, the camera work resourceful and the energy on stage impressive. Everyone looked like they were having a ball. Pantomime with a sophisticated stylish edge.

They don’t always get it right. 2015‘s was a particular stage production crime ruining what had sounded in previews like something paying attention to.

This year’s Moldovan song is sung by Lidia Isac and it sounds good in preview. So, that’s the first box ticked.

I’m prepared to overlook her overly enunciated words in the opening verse, because once the chorus kicks in my foot starts tapping and I’m nodding up and down thinking yep, this is actually quite good.

It’s not earth shattering especially, but it’s not bland. A pleasing upbeat number that warrants considerably more repeat listens than say, Russia. I’d like to see this in the Final.


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